As a client of Mangold you will always have the opportunity of making good equity transactions, irrespective of what you are doing, what time it is or where in the world you happen to be.

Mangold Fondkommission’s securities trading offers private individuals, companies and institutions accessible, modern, efficient, safe, fast and flexible execution services for shares, equity-related instruments and derivatives at a competitive cost. As a counterparty we are dedicated to succeeding in our role and are constantly reviewing our products and services to both extend and adapt them to the requirements that our clients demand, both now and in the future.
Mangold Fondkommission AB is a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Nordic Growth Market.

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We analyse and offer investments in existing and new debt securities.
Mangold Fixed Income analyses fixed income securities and offers trading in both the primary market and existing listed and unlisted debt securities. Our investment focus is upon the issuer and its potential to fulfill their commitments to investors in different market climates. No investments are undertaken if there is any risk that the issuer’s obligations are overly extensive, as determined by our stress tests.

Mangold provides the market’s most flexible investment savings account with full flexibility to buy and sell listed securities, including derivatives such as weekly options and currency-linked structured products. With an investment savings account, one is not required to declare one’s business transactions, or to pay any capital gains tax, instead one is taxed at a flat-rate on one’s investment holding.

Trade Reporting – Interest bearing securities

Since 2nd February 2015, Swedish custodians must provide trade reports for interest-bearing securities. The attached link shows the trade reports for which Mangold Fondkommission AB has a reporting obligation.


Opening a custody account with Mangold is not associated with any costs, either when opening the account or for the custody of the securities. Any costs are only incurred when executing transactions, such as purchases and sales of securities. The minimum brokerage commission is SEK 49.

Mangold provides the market’s most flexible investment savings account with full flexibility to buy and sell listed securities, including derivatives and structured investments. One is not required to declare one’s business transactions or to pay any capital gains tax instead one’s investment holding is taxed at a flat-rate.

As a client of Mangold, whether you choose a custodian account or an investment savings account, you get access to the firm’s total service offering, such as trading in Swedish equities, derivatives, mutual funds and other related types of securities. For a more detailed description of the overall service offering, please contact the business area Securities Trading.

Our accounts are covered by a resolution of the Swedish National Debt Office, with regard to a state deposit guarantee of up to € 100 000. The compensation is paid by the Swedish National Debt Office within 20 working days from the date the institution is declared bankrupt, or from the FSA’s decision on compensation entitlement.


With Mangold Fondkommission, you can make good business transactions at your desk or out on the golf course. Just as obviously as we are available to you when it suits you so is our information and trading system, Mangold Trader, updated and available when you need it.

The system provides both private and professional investors the opportunity to follow the financial markets in real time on a variety of exchanges worldwide, while placing your orders in the same system. The system, supplied by the Norwegian company Infront, gives both private and professional investors the opportunity to follow:

  • Share prices from 55 different exchanges and multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs)
  • Derivatives
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Unit Trusts / Exchange Traded Funds
  • The Index
  • News
  • SME Direkt estimates

In addition to containing:

  • Calendar features
  • An integrated order entry application with alarm and stop loss function


Mangold offers its clients the possibility to refinance their securities held in a custody account or in an investment savings account. After an approved credit application, clients can then better align their trade to their desired risk profile. This credit is not associated with any fixed charges, such as arrangement fees, but the customer pays the applicable interest rate for the days the credit is utilized.


Mangold Online – for those clients with a need to manage their investment decisions themselves, Mangold offers a proprietary web-trading service. Through Mangold Online, clients not only have access to one of the market’s cheapest brokerage commissions for security transactions, but also have the opportunity to follow development in their custody account in real-time, produce portfolio reports on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis and create the supporting documents for a tax return required by the Swedish Tax Agency.


Through carefully selected partners, Mangold offers trading in foreign securities. Via our trading desk, clients thus have access to a wide range of markets to invest in, including the USA.


Mangold has no mutual funds of its own, but should rather be seen as an provider of mutual funds. Through our fund marketplace clients have access to over 500 funds world-wide.


Mangold offers its clients flexible insurance solutions from various insurance companies. Including Danica Pension, which is owned by the Danske Bank, where our custody account clients can cost-effectively underwrite their custody account with an endowment or a private and occupational pension.





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In Mangold you will find an active counterparty that cares about the goals you have for your savings. You will be offered a competitive service at a competitive price. You will be offered one of the market’s broadest product portfolios and one of the market’s most flexible investment savings accounts.

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