Our advice makes a difference.

Investment decisions, questions about pensions, risk concerns, security solutions and other financial matters that affect you and your future are issues that we are passionate about. Together we’ll discuss what you want to achieve, what issues are most important to you and how we can create a solution that suits you.

We work with full transparency in everything we do, we believe in the long term and we know that a thorough approach is the basis of the good results that we achieve.

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What is most important to you and what are your goals in life?

These are two of the questions that we really want answers to before providing advice to you. You are unique and therefore your conditions are also unique. In order to do an excellent job we need to get to know you. It is namely knowledge of, and concern for our clients, that is the basis of our advice.

Based on a complete needs analysis, we design a financial plan and strategy for you that our advice is based upon. We believe in regular contact, meaningful follow-ups and the value of information. Besides personal meetings, it is important to have an ongoing dialogue via email or telephone. You, the client, determine the level, and irrespective of what you choose or how your situation is, we are there for you – as a sounding board or to take charge of all your requirements.


Our advisory management is dynamic and gets you involved in investment decisions. You receive a personal advisor who, together with colleagues, specialists and external experts, will do their utmost to help you reach your goals. Of course, there is also the possibility of receiving discretionary management for those who so wish.

Our advisors are accustomed to understanding client needs, risk appetites and expectations, which enables us to ensure that we achieve an adequate management solution. For you, this means a management based on two distinct elements: Your needs and our analysis.


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On closer reflection, it is fascinating that Pensions can cause the reactions and thoughts that we often receive from the media, experts and the public. Essentially, the question is simple and can be expressed as:

“What is required today to achieve a certain position tomorrow?”

Our view is that it is an extremely important issue, that requires consideration and above all, extensive competence. An expertise that we possess and that provides you with a complete picture of your present situation, as well as a relevant forecast, and a realistic strategic plan.

For us the focus is not on whether, but rather how and why you have made your decisions before, and how we can help you to validate them. We produce a needs-driven pension analysis and associated strategic plan. A plan that focuses not only on how much you need to save to attain a certain level as retirement approaches, but a comprehensive plan concerning what should be done both before and after retirement. We also take into account how this should be done as cost-effectively as possible and help you along the way as pensions, like other advisory services, should not just be one-off decisions.


Our custody accounts are extremely open and flexible. They are available regardless of the tax environment and can thus also be used within the framework of an investment savings account (ISA), endowment, pension insurance and occupational pension insurance.

Custody Account Standard

Here you get access to the unique flexibility that Mangold custody accounts offer. The range consists of amongst over 4,000 mutual funds, stocks and derivatives from all European and North American stock markets, bonds and structured products. You trade at regular prices and even have the opportunity to add services and additional service based upon your specific needs.

Custody Account Plus

This solution gives you access to the full range that Custody Account Standard offers, whilst we also provide you with a comprehensive value-added service. We will guide you through important issues such as pensions, taxation and family law. Furthermore, we will offer you customised dynamic portfolios, with continuous monitoring and analysis, tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you shall also receive free access to a range of exciting events and lectures on current issues. As a client of Custody Plus, you can also trade in both corporate bonds and structured products to a reduced brokerage fee.

Custody Account Premium

A unique solution with first class service. Through Custody Account Premium you may trade in equities, corporate bonds and structured products completely free of brokerage fees. We even offer you help with management of external capital. In addition, you also have the opportunity of receiving our model portfolios under discretionary management, which both saves you time and creates more value for you as a client. We also invite you in to exciting events and provide you with a comprehensive service within pensions, tax and law.


For us at Mangold, advice is all about the big picture. Therefore it is natural for us to also help with those issues that are not usually in focus when discussing personal financial advice, but that tend to be just as important in some cases. In essence, those elements essential to security and that ensure that a negative event is not exacerbated due to them not having been considered in advance.

We can help you with family legal issues, either through in-house expertise or external. We can help with everything from cohabitation to prenuptial agreements, inheritance issues and gifts or related areas.

We’ll examine the state of your existing solutions for life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, medical insurance, etc. Many people believe that they have these all in order through their employer, supplemented by a private solution, but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Our review will provide you with an overview and a clear picture of what could happen were the unthinkable to occur. You’ll receive advice if something should be improved or added to, but most of all, you will be aware that your security solutions are adequate based upon your needs.


The watchword for not paying more tax than you need to is to think ahead. Irrespective of whether it concerns simpler tax return questions or tax on capital, or a more complex move abroad and all that entails, it pays to have a methodical approach, which we can help you with. In this area, we complement our internal expertise with external collaboration with leading accounting and law firms. We always ensure to provide the skills that your situation requires.

With careful consideration, where we step-by-step go through the effective tax planning options available, we’ll find the right solution for you.


They say that no two people are exactly alike and the same applies of course to our clients. However, we have noticed that certain characteristics, interests and desires are common to many of them.

Mangold’s clients make demands and expect high levels of service. They want to be invited to interesting and rewarding events and lectures, and they appreciate and need the added value that we create with our comprehensive advice.

Our vision is to satisfy our clients based on their situation. We are fast, modern and accessible since our clients live at a fast pace, are up-to-date with developments and want our help whenever they need it.




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