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Institutions +

Mangold provides tailored financing and investment solutions for corporations, institutions and larger private clients, where the specific and individual needs are observed with regard to prevailing market conditions. The advantage of structured products is that they can be tailored to achieve specific needs-based and predetermined commitments with specific and minimized risk. In this manner, the client can get a solution where there exists good control and optimality in relation to returns and exposure.

A closer discussion is held with the client, so as to understand the client’s needs, objectives and financial planning as best as possible. Quantitative and qualitative analysis is developed from this, from which interesting options are developed by Mangold’s suppliers, in consultation with the client.


Private Placements 

A private placement is a tailored investment that is created entirely according to the wishes of an individual client or a small group of clients. Consequently, the clients get an exclusive investment that is designed to fit their wishes/requirements on (among other things) structure/maturity/issuer/ underlying exposure. A private placement can be customised according to client wishes in most cases (depending on the issuer), from approximately SEK 10 million. This is an excellent way for an investor, who has special requests/demands to gain access to the benefits of structured products, when those products on offer are not suitable for any reason. Private Placements are popular among municipalities, trusts, larger congregations, corporations and wealthy individuals.


Ethical investments
Mangold provides investments in dependable companies and uses a variety of different screening instruments depending on each client’s ethical preferences.

Indicative Valuations +

Please note that all prices below are indicative and are created once per day. Inaccuracies can occur and therefore all use of this information is at your own risk.


Please contact Mangold Structured Products if you are looking for brochures for private placements.
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Secondary Market

Please contact Mangold Market Making.


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ABN Base Prospectus 2012-07-27
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Public primary offering +

An index of evidence, also called sprinter has only a partially protected downside, risk reduction. An index of proof thus involves higher risk than an equity-linked bond but instead give then better opportunities for high returns. Index Evidence tend to have a so-called price fall protection, which means that unless the underlying gone down by more than price fall protection so repaid at par value. Would underlying lose more than price fall protection so it can be seen that the investor is long the underlying and is given the nominal value minus the actual fall.

Mangold Structured Investmentd

Mangold works proactively to develop and arrange structured investment solutions for corporate and institutional clients through so-called private placements, and for private investors through public offers that are distributed through the company’s distribution network, as well as being provided to the company’s asset management clients and investment advice clients.


The advantage of structured investments is that they can be tailored to achieve the desired non-linear market exposure and thus satisfy a particular need and/or predetermined commitments with specific and minimized risk. In this way, the investor can obtain a solution in which there is good control and optimal configuration of the relationship between risk and return and exposure. One of the most common forms of structured products are so-called equity-linked bonds, which means a capital protection in the form of a secured amount that the issuer undertakes to repay at the expiration date, regardless of the performance of the underlying reference asset. An index certificate, also known as a sprinter, only has a partially protected downside, risk reduction.An index certificate thus involves higher risk than an equity-linked bond, but instead provides better opportunities for a high return. Index certificates usually have a so-called price fall protection, which means that if the underlying reference asset has not fallen by more than the price fall protection, then the nominal amount is repaid. Should the underlying reference asset go down by more than the price fall protection, then this usually means that the investor is long in the underlying reference asset at the expiration date and thus receives the nominal amount minus the actual decline.

The methodology and the structure mean in most cases that credit exposure through the issuer, or other means of credit exposure, are combined with an options package where the desired market exposure is obtained in the desired currency. The advantage is that customised solutions can be created as a very interesting complement to stocks, funds and other fixed income securities for efficient diversification.

Mangold cooperates with many of the leading Swedish and foreign investment banks in connection with the procurement of the components to structured products.

Mangold offers an efficient secondary market for all the products arranged which gives investors the flexibility to sell holdings in the secondary market during the term as well as to participate in profit hedging and restructuring deals. A transaction on the secondary market during the first year term incurs a cost of 1 per cent on the settlement amount, minimum SEK 199. From the second year, the cost is at 0.5 per cent, minimum SEK 199.

Mangold is since 2006 a member of the Swedish Securities Dealers Association. The Swedish Securities Dealers Association has a working group for structured investment products which also Mangold is a member. The group has developed an industry code of how information in marketing material for structured placements should be designed. On February 21, 2013 launched the trade association for structured investments, structured investments in Sweden (SPIS), whose aim is to increase the transparency, comparability and understanding of structured investments. For more information, please visit


Head of Distribution

Patric Holmberg
+ 46 (0) 8 5030 1575



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