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Our advice makes a difference.

Investment decisions, questions about pensions, risk concerns, security solutions and other financial matters that affect you and your future are issues that we are passionate about. Together we’ll discuss what you want to achieve, what issues are most important to you and how we can create a solution that suits you.

We work with full transparency in everything we do, we believe in the long term and we know that a thorough approach is the basis of the good results that we achieve.

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Our advice +

What is most important to you and what are your goals in life?

These are two of the questions that we would like to have answers to before we leave advice to you. You are unique and therefore also your unique circumstances. To do a good job, we need to get to know you. It is common knowledge and concern for our customers that are the basis of our advice.
Based on a comprehensive needs analysis, we design a financial plan and strategy for you, as our counseling build on. We believe in regular contact, meaningful follow-up and the value of information. In addition to the personal meeting is important ongoing dialogue via email or telephone. You, the customer determines the level and whatever you choose or what your situation looks like we are there for you – just as a sounding board and ready to take responsibility for the whole.
Our advisory management is dynamic and allows you to participate in the investment decision, you get a personal advisor which, together with colleagues, our specialists and external expertise, does its utmost to help you reach your goals. Of course there is also the possibility of managing discretionary for those who wish to do so. Behind management, our portfolios and strategies are working Mangold’s Asset nalysdrivet without intermediaries or aggravating cost structures.
Our advisors are accustomed to understand customer needs, risk appetite and anticipation image which facilitates the enforcement of a adequate management solution. For you this means an administration that rests on two clear legs. Your needs and our analysis.

Asset Management +

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Company Pensions +

On reflection, it is fascinating to questions about occupational pensions can arouse the reactions and thoughts as we continually met by the media, experts and the public. Basically the question is simple when simplified describe it as:

“What gives the employer today, because the employee must achieve a certain situation tomorrow? “
Our view is that it is an extremely important issue that requires consideration, but especially a broad range of skills. The skills that we possess and that gives you the opportunity to complete baseline image, a relevant prognosis for those affected, as well as a realistic strategic plan.
For us not focus on whether but how and why you took your decision earlier and in what way we can help you to validate them. We develop a needs-driven policy for pension and associated strategic plan, as cost effectively as possible, helping you along the way. Occupational pension issues should, like other advice, do not be a decision-recurring items.
Regarding our offer we procure tailored pension solutions without any additional costs and fees. This means that Mangold works completely free of commission and in this way we avoid any conflicts of interest that can easily occur in the traditional insurance intermediaries. We start from solutions without lock-in effects or potentially costly event. With this solution we can offer one of the industry’s most competitive advised pension solutions. Thanks to our depot management also takes place without having to limit your investment options. Through us you get thus both a lower cost, higher quality and wider range than the market’s regular solutions.
Furthermore, we consider whether it is necessary to go beyond the scope of existing occupational using direct pensions, pensions for senior or situation-specific provisions. We will help you with everything from policies and calculations to implementation and monitoring.
An often forgotten value to your employees, is to offer the possibility of a really effective salary sacrifice . It is cost neutral for the company, but extremely rewarding for employees. This solution may be given the opportunity to contracting terms and rates as those individuals usually can not reach.

Custody Account +

Our custody accounts are extremely open and flexible. They are available regardless of the tax environment and can thus also be used within the framework of an investment savings account (ISA), endowment, pension insurance and occupational pension insurance.


Custody Account Standard

Here you get access to the unique flexibility that Mangold custody accounts offer. The range consists of amongst over 4,000 mutual funds, stocks and derivatives from all European and North American stock markets, bonds and structured products. You trade at regular prices and even have the opportunity to add services and additional service based upon your specific needs.


Custody Account Plus

This solution gives you access to the full range that Custody Account Standard offers, whilst we also provide you with a comprehensive value-added service. We will guide you through important issues such as pensions, taxation and family law. Furthermore, we offer you customised dynamic portfolios, with continuous monitoring and analysis, tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you also receive free access to a range of exciting events and lectures on current issues. As a client of Custody Plus, you can also trade in both corporate bonds and structured products to a reduced brokerage fee.


Custody Account Premium

A unique solution with first class service. Through Custody Account Premium you may trade in equities, corporate bonds and structured products completely free of brokerage fees. We even offer you help with management of external capital. In addition, you also have the opportunity of receiving our model portfolios under discretionary management, which both saves you time and creates more value for you as a client. We also invite you in to exciting events and provide you with a comprehensive service within pensions, tax and law.

Security +

For us at Mangold’s advice on the whole. Hence, it is obvious advice concerning those aspects that provide security and ensures that a negative event is not made worse by not gone through these parts in advance.

We can help you with legal issues that partnership agreements and key manna insurance, health insurance issues, group insurance and other considerations which ensures that you and your company have a security in the ground. Either using internal expertise or external.
With our briefing you will get an overview and a clear picture of what is going on there unthinkable happens, you get help if anything should be improved or added. Above all, you will have the knowledge that your security solutions are adequate based on your needs.
Just as with our advice regarding occupational takes everything based on your needs and the solutions we provide is contracted to provide a so kostnadseffektvi solution as possible.

Tax advice +

The watchword to not paying more tax than you need to, is to think ahead.


As a businessman, you’re used to considering all manner of tax consequences of various decisions, but given the complex structure of tax systems in Sweden, and in other parts of the world, our advice makes a difference. With our Corporate Finance department, our advisors and our external partners, we are able to you a review of the options available and the impact that these would entail.


We’ll go through how the “3: 12-rules” affect your situation, if the company structure is optimised, if the current situation is consistent with the challenges of the future. In addition, we’ll review the tax rules that affect you at present and those which are likely to affect the future. Furthermore, we’ll consider the relationship between you as a businessman and you as an individual, are the right things being done in the right “sphere”?


It may perhaps sound simple, but to sum up, we’ll help you to keep as much as possible of the revenue your company generates.

Livsstil +

They say that no two people are exactly alike and the same applies of course to our clients. However, we have noticed that certain characteristics, interests and desires are common to many of them.


Mangold’s clients make demands and expect high levels of service. They want to be invited to interesting and rewarding events and lectures and they appreciate and need the added value that we create with our comprehensive advice.


Our vision is to satisfy our clients based on their situations. We are fast, modern and accessible, since our clients live at a fast pace, keep-up with developments and want our help whenever they need it.


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