Mangold Fondkommission is one of the leading liquidity providers in Sweden. A market maker improves the quality of trade in the shares of listed companies by ensuring a maximum specific percentage difference between the bid and asking price, whilst also guaranteeing a mini volume of shares on the buy or sell side in the order book.

The purpose of the market maker is to create the proper pricing of a company’s shares, and thus a correct valuation of the company, but also to improve the overall trading volume in the shares.

A good liquidity in a company’s stock is a service to its shareholders, but also a prerequisite for attracting investors and facilitating the raising of future capital. The terms of the market making are determined in consultation with the Company and in accordance with the specific marketplace rules.

Mangold Fondkommission is a market maker for the following companies:

ADDvise Group ABFirst North
Adverty ABNordic MTF
Arc Aroma Pure ABFirst North
Auriant Mining ABFirst North
Bambuser ABFirst North
Capacent Holding ABFirst North
Cereno Scientific ABSpotlight
Chordate Medical Holding ABNordic MTF
Cognosec ABFirst North
Colabitoil Sweden ABSpotlight
Curando Nordic ABFirst North
Cyxone ABFirst North
Dicot ABSpotlight
Empir Group ABSmall Cap
Enersize OyjFirst North
Eurobattery Minerals ABNordic MTF
Fastighetsräntefonden Tessin ABNordic AIF
Fluicell ABFirst North
Gullberg & Jansson ABSpotlight
Hoodin ABSpotlight
Hästkällaren Rid Trav & Western ABNordic MTF
Image SystemsSmall Cap
Infrea ABFirst North
Italeaf S.p.A.First North
Kollect on Demand Holding ABFirst North
LC-TEC Holding ABNordic MTF
Mantex ABFirst North
Metacon ABNordic MTF
Modern Ekonomi Sverige Holding ABFirst North
Nepa ABFirst North
Netmore Group AB
First North
New Nordic Healthbrands ABFirst North
News55 ABNordic MTF
NGage Group ABSpotlight
Nischer ABNordic MTF
Nitro Games OyjFirst North
Nordic Flanges Group ABFirst North
Online Brands Nordic AB (publ)
First North
Parans Solar Lighting ABSpotlight
PhotoCat A/SFirst North
Prime LivingFirst North
Privanet Group OyjNordic MTF
Raybased AB (publ)Spotlight
Scandinavian Health InnovationsNordic MTF
SeaTwirl ABFirst North
SensoDetect ABSpotlight
Skogsfond Baltikum ABNordic AIF
Sonetel ABFirst North
Spintso International ABNordic MTF
Strax ABSmall Cap
Svenska Bostadsfonden 14 ABNordic AIF
Sätra Förvaltnings ABNGM
Taurus Energy ABSpotlight
The Single Malt Fund ABNordic AIF
TradeDoublerSmall Cap
TryggHem Projekt 1 ABFirst North Bond Market
Urb-it AB (publ)First North
Waystream Holding ABFirst North
WeSC ABFirst North
XBT Provider AB (Bitcoin, Ethereum)NASDAQ ETF/ETP
Zutec Holding ABFirst North


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