Security Ticker Buy Sell Latest High Low Volume Latest close
B Intressenter AB BINT 0.05 0 0.01
Green Growth Nordic AB GGN B 0.40 0 0.50
Rederi AB Gotland A GOTL A 1300.00 0 1400.00
Rederi AB Gotland B GOTL B 1300.00 0 1300.00
Internet Express Scandinavia IES 0 0.40
J&O Forest Fund JOFF SDBD 0 1604.00
Lantmännen ek för LANT 02 0
Masify Capital AB (publ) MASI B 0 0.02
NORVentures AB NORV 0.02 0.20 0 0.06
Retail United International AB RUI 0 0.70
Russian Real Estate Investment Company AB RURI B 0.07 0 0.03
Unwrap Finance UNWRAP 0.15 0 0.04
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Please note that only members of Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm may place orders on the Mangold list. For those members of Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm who wish to place orders, please call Market Making, +46 (0) 8-50 30 15 85

Listing Requirements

In order for a company’s shares to be traded on the Mangold list, the company must be public and its shares must be unlisted and registered with Euroclear Sweden AB. Furthermore, the company’s shares must not be subject to a pre-emption clause. Mangold Fondkommission can also arrange trading in other financial instruments.


The Mangold list is neither a regulated market nor a trading platform. Therefore the companies whose shares are traded on the Mangold list do not need to follow the rules that apply to companies whose shares are traded on a regulated market or a trading platform. Consequently, investments in companies listed on the Mangold list may have a higher risk than investments in companies that are listed on a regulated market or a trading platform.

Placing orders on the Mangold list is done by telephone. Since telephone trading is not as effective as electronic trading, it may take time to place an order. This also means that the liquidity of the Mangold-list is usually lower than on regulated markets and trading platforms. Investing on the Mangold-list may therefore be riskier than investments in shares traded electronically.

Mangold does not perform any legal or financial due diligence of companies admitted to trading on the Mangold list. Nor does Mangold assume any responsibility for companies listed on the Mangold list with regard to the management of their information disclosure, financial reporting or other duties.


Market Making

Mangold Market Making

+ 46 (0) 503 01 585


In Mangold you will find an active counterpart who care about the goals you have for your savings. You will be offered a competitive service at a competitive price. You are also offered one of the widest product range and one of the most flexible Investment Savings Accounts.

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