Mangold Fondkommission AB is under the supervision of Sweden’s financial supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen) and possesses the following licenses:

• Receipt and transmission of orders relating to one or more financial instruments (the Securities Market Act (“VML”) 2: 1 p.1)
• Execution of orders in financial instruments on behalf of clients (VML 2: 1 p.2)
• Trading in financial instruments for one’s own account (VML 2: 1 p. 3)
• Discretionary investment management concerning financial instruments (VML 2:1 p.4)
• Investment advice to customers regarding financial instruments (VML 2: 1 p.5)
• The underwriting of financial instruments and the placing of financial instruments on a firm commitment basis (VML 2: 1 p.6)
• The placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment basis (VML 2:1 p.7)
• Keeping financial instruments on behalf of clients and receiving funds with accountability. (VML 2: 2 p.1)
• Giving clients credit, such that the client may carry out transactions in one or more financial instruments through the securities company (VML 2: 2 p.2)
• Advice to companies on capital structure, corporate strategy and related matters and providing advice and performing services for mergers and acquisitions (VML 2: 2 p.3)
• Providing services in connection with the underwriting of financial instruments (VML 2: 2 p.6)
• Receiving client funds to facilitate securities operations (VML 2: 2 p.8)
• Ancillary business activities as the Certified Adviser for the companies whose shares are admitted to trading on First North (VML 2: 3, first paragraph)
• Insurance mediation as in accordance with the law on insurance mediation
Mangold Fondkommission AB has received authorisation from Sweden’s financial supervisory authority FSA (Finansinspektionen ) to conduct cross-border operations in accordance with MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland.
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