Mangold is continually working to support charities and contribute to a better environment. Below you can read more about the organisations Mangold supports:

Situation Stockholm

Mangold has chosen to support Situation Stockholm and their goal of generating debate and advocacy about issues concerning their social activities target market – homeless people. The magazine has 158,000 readers per month and is the only magazine in Stockholm that aims to draw attention to the situation of the homeless. The newspaper vendors are involved themselves in the newspaper and are actively encouraged to participate in Situation Stockholm’s writing workshop. Situation Stockholm also writes about interesting people and events in the city from a street perspective. The magazine monitors what is happening within culture and on the street, snapping up phenomena and writing about it and the people behind it, before it is discovered by other papers. Situation Stockholm is at the forefront of news in Sweden on social issues related to homelessness, and is often quoted in other media. The newspaper writes about homelessness and exclusion from a broader perspective than other media, and that outlook is echoed in all material in the newspaper.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Mangold has chosen to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation in their efforts to combat childhood cancer, and ensure that the affected children, adolescents and their families receive the care and support they need. Their vision is to eradicate childhood cancer. Every year the Childhood Cancer Foundation finances 90% of children’s cancer research in Sweden, without any support from the state. Business activities are entirely dependent on voluntary support from individuals and businesses. In addition to research funding, the Childhood Cancer Foundation finances care, healthcare development, support to affected families and the dissemination of information. All taken together, the aim is to create the best conditions for achieving the overall goal: That all children affected by cancer shall become healthy again and live satisfactory lives.



“Sport for Children in Need” is for children and adolescents, who due to special needs (such as autism, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome), do not have the opportunity to play group sports. At present there is often no place for these children in the existing Swedish associations. Children in need often require some extra resources, and the goal is to encourage associations and parent groups to start their own sections for children in need. The Foundation will help associations and families who need extra resources, to give their children the opportunity to play sports.



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