As of 31 December 2015, the number of employees at Mangold is 72. Employees are one of Mangold’s most important assets. Mangold has an expressed personnel policy that seeks to reinforce the employees’ sense of belonging and shared values. Mangold has a compensation philosophy that rewards teamwork and initiative taking. Mangold’s culture is characterized by innovation and short decisionpaths that help to create a non-bureaucratic organization, in which each employee has the opportunity to receive significant responsibility. Furthermore, the company has a work environment policy where the company’s goal is to create a good working environment for all employees. Risks of illness, in both physical and mental terms, are prevented. The company also has a policy to tackle drugs and addiction.


The company also has an equality and discrimination policy. The company works actively for equality at work. No one should be treated less favorably than others because of their gender. The company also follows those laws prohibiting racial discrimination, disability discrimination and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. Furthermore, Mangold has no dominant commercial bank as parent company that could prevent Mangold from taking on interesting assignments because of business relationships, which helps the company attract and retain skilled personnel. Mangold has a long-term approach to recruitment. This allows the Company to find highly qualified people who have both specialized knowledge and fit well into Mangold’s corporate culture. 88 percent of Mangold is currently owned by board members and current employees.


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