The opportunity for making good equity transactions is always available at Mangold, no matter what you are doing, what time it is or where in the world you happen to be. Mangold Fondkommission’s securities trading offers private individuals, companies and institutions accessible, modern, efficient, safe, fast and flexible execution services for shares, equity-related instruments and derivatives at a competitive cost. As counterparty we are dedicated to succeeding in our role and are constantly reviewing our products and services to both extend and adapt them to the requirements that our clients demand, both now and in the future.

Mangold Fondkommission AB is a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Nordic Growth Market.

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Articles of Association +

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Annual General Meeting +

Members of the Board and Auditors +

Per Åhlgren (born 1960)

Chairman of the Board since 2003

Per Ahlgren has a M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Per Ahlgren is co-founder of Mangold and has been chairman since 2003. Previous experience includes, among others, ten years in London working for Salomon Brothers, Bear Stears and Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. Other assignments include, amongst other things, Chairman of Runaware Holding AB and RW Capital AB (publ).

Marie Barbro Friman (born 1959)

Board member since 2014

Marie Friman has a Bachelor of Law & Business Administration degree from the University of Stockholm. Marie Friman has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial sector as a lawyer, compliance officer, asset manager, advisor and CEO. Her expertise is the securities market, including issues and regulations for companies governed by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Marie Friman is currently owner of Apriori Attorneys.

Ann-Marie Thörn (born 1954)

Board member since 2006

Ann-Marie Thorn has a LL.M. from University of Stockholm. Following service at the Solna District Court, Ann-Marie Thorn has worked with business law at several law firms. Ann-Marie Thorn became a Member of the Swedish Bar Association in 1993.  Ann-Marie Thorn is currently Managing Partner at KLA Karlerö Liljeblad Advokatbyrå HB where she has worked since 1994, when she co-founded the firm. Ann-Marie Thorn has worked primarily in the financial sector and past experience includes being Chairman of the Board for a credit market company. Moreover, she has been a longstanding Member of the Advisory board at Danske Bank.

Fredrik Sjöstrand

Board member since 2016


The company’s auditor since 2007 is KPMG AB, with Anders Bäckström as Principal and Certified accountant.

Management +

Per-Anders Tammerlöv (Born 1973)

CEO since 2006

Per-Anders Tammerlöv has a degree in finance from the University of Stockholm. Per-Anders Tammerlöv has been employed at Mangold since 2003 and CEO since 2006. Per-Anders Tammerlöv has extensive experience from the financial sector, and has previously worked for Alfred Berg (now part of ABN AMRO), Nordic Securities (now part of Ålandsbanken) and H & Q (now part of Carnegie)


Tomas Lindberg (born 1976)

CFO since 2008

Tomas Lindberg has a degree in finance from the University of Stockholm. Tomas Lindberg has been employed at Mangold since 2008 and is, in addition to CFO, Administrative Manager of Mangold. Tomas Lindberg has previous long experience from Securitas AB, AvestaPolarit AB and De Lage Landen Financial Services AB.


Charles Wilken (born 1978)

Head of Investment Banking since 2014

Charles Wilken has a M.Sc. in Business Administration, with specialisation in Finance from Stockholm Business School, University of Stockholm, and a management degree from IFL at Stockholm School of Economics. Charles Wilken has previously been Head of Mangold’s Corporate Finance Department 2009-2014 and employed by the Company since 2005. Charles Wilken has over ten years of experience working within the banking and brokerage sector.


Thomas Forslund

Head of Private Banking since May 2017

Thomas Forslund holds a degree as a market economist and legal studies at Stockholm University. Thomas has more than 30 years of experience in Banking & Finance, including SEB and HQ Bank. The experience extends from customer advisors with own customer responsibility to departmental responsibilities and as a member of management groups for Private Banking.



Gustav Guthenberg (born 1983)

Head of Compliance, employed since 8 August.


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