Claims or Complaints

Claims or Complaints

At Mangold , we pride ourselves on the high quality of service we provide. However, should you have cause to complain, we advise you to contact us immediately. Preferably, by first contacting the person or department within Mangold with whom you have been in contact. You may contact us in whatever manner you find appropriate – for example by phone, email or letter – or if you prefer, simply ask us to call you. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you should then contact Mangold’s Complaints Manager with a written complaint stating your complaint, Caroline Pettersson. The procedure is greatly simplified if you also forward all relevant case documentation, such as contract notes, statements, notes, etc.


Please send your complaint to the following address:


Mangold Fondkommission AB

Att: Klagomålsansvarig

Box 55691

102 15 Stockholm


Should you wish to make discuss a complaint outside of Mangold, you can of course contact the Swedish Consumer Banking and Finance Bureau or Consumer Advice Centre in your municipality for free consultation. You are also entitled to have your complaint reviewed by an external party by referring it to the National Board for Consumer Complaints.