There are always opportunities for great trades regardless of what you as a client are doing, what time it is or where in the world you happen to be.
Mangold’s securities offers individuals, businesses and institutions accessible, modern, efficient, secure, fast and flexible execution services for equities, equity related instruments and derivatives at a competitive price.
We are dedicated to succeeding in our role as a counterpart and we are constantly reviewing our products and service offerings in order to both expand and adapt to the demands of our clients.
Mangold Fondkommission is a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange as well as the Nordic Growth Market.
Fixed Income
We analyze and provide investments in existing as well as in new fixed income products
Mangold Fixed Income analyzes fixed income products and offers trading in the primary market, exchange traded as well as non-exchange traded products. Our investment strategy focuses on the issuer and its qualifications in order to fulfill its commitments in different market climates. If our stress tests show considerable risk in the issuer’s commitments, Mangold will not proceed with that investment.
Discretionary management – Mangold Fixed Income provides, in addition to trading in fixed income products, individual investment strategies based on your awareness and confidence regarding investments. We only take on assignments that have been formed after your financial situation and experience. A mutual understanding of risk and return expectations is central
Transaction Reporting – Fixed Income
Starting 20150202 all Swedish depository custodians shall report transactions in fixed income.
Attached links show the trading in fixed income for which Mangold Fondkommission have reporting obligations.

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